June 2022 Workshop

Angelic Reiki the Gateway to 5D: Gathering and Update, June 2022, Nab Cottage

2 day Workshop:
Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th June 2022

2 non-programmed days:
Tuesday 28th June & Friday 1st July 2022

With Love and Angel Blessings Christine

Four Days – Come for as many days as you wish.

Two days to relax – Tuesday and Friday.
I will arrive on Thursday evening and leave Tuesday morning. It will be nice to have two days to just to be together, chat, drink coffee, share our challenges, walk in the beautiful countryside, visit the crystal shops, sit in the Stone Circle, and whatever we fancy.

Two days of workshop – Wednesday and Thursday
Angelic Reiki holds the keys to the Gateway to 5D.
Angelic Reiki Healing is guided by Djwhal Khul, Master of the Second Ray, the Ray of Love and Wisdom. The key vibration of 5D is Spiritual Wisdom and Autonomy.

Angelic Reiki is “The healing for Our Time”

Venue Nab Cottage, Rydal, Ambleside, Cumbria UK
Dates Friday 24th June, Workshop 25th & 26th, Monday 27th
Times Friday and Monday all spontaneous.
Saturday and Sunday workshop 10:00am to 5:30pm
Cost For workshop payment: Bank Transfer: £125.00
Sort Code 11 06 96 ; Account number 00163552;
PayPal: (£125.00 + 5%) = £131.25
Use: thefoundationofcosmicfire@gmail.com

Any questions please contact Amanda: amandadoug@hotmail.co.uk
If arriving by train, lifts from Windermere and Oxenholme railway stations are available upon request please contact Mary: marywinetrobe@gmail.com

09:45 am – Gather in the workshop space for personal preparatory meditation.
10:00 am – Opening and Dedication the space.
10:15 am – Vaccinations and Angelic Reiki. Sharing current information and discussion on vaccination and workshop and professional healing sessions. It’s time to heal.
11:15 am – Break
11:45 am – Practical experience of Healing and Teacher from 5D consciousness
01:00 pm – Lunch
2:00 pm – Dowsing: Reclaim your power and connect to intuitive wisdom.
In 5D decisions are not made by the head. Intuition is our guidance and Dowsing is the perfect way to develop trust in intuition and get clear answers. This will be a very practical session looking at several ways of investigating any situation.
Please bring a pendulum. Any crystal or metal pendulum is OK.
3:30pm – Break
5:30 pm – Finish

09:45 am – Gather in the workshop space for personal preparatory meditation.
10:00 am – Opening and Dedication the space as for ZOOM for New Shamballa and Golden Heart workshops
10:15 am – Creating your own reality the Angelic 5D way.
11:15 am – Break
11:45 am – Practical experience of Healing and Teacher from 5D consciousness
1:00 pm – Lunch
2:00 pm – Attunement through the Archangel Raphael to the energy of 5D
3:00 pm – Break
3:30 pm – Raising our vibration through Angelic Reiki
4:30 pm – Natural Law will govern in 5D. We will start embracing Natural Law as we move into 5D. What are the implications and how will this work? Personal growth is essential for this to work and with autonomy comes responsibility.
5:30 pm – Finish
Note: Some of the workshop may be on Zoom – Look out for further information

Please book your own accommodation either in the area close by or at Nab Cottage.
Tim Melling
Nab Cottage, Rydal, Ambleside
Cumbria LA22 9SD, England
+44 (0)15394 35311

Only full board (room and meals) is available at Nab Cottage:
Full Board – £65.00 single room
Full Board – £71.00 single room en-suite
Full Board – £50.00 shared twin/double
Full Board – £55.00 shared twin/double en-suite
arrival after 4:00pm

Non-residents (those not staying at Nab Cottage):
All non-residence workshop participants have a day fee of £7.00 includes tea and coffee
Lunch – £15.00 or bring your own to Nab Cottage or go to the local pub

Nab Cottage is excellent value for the very popular English Lake District. They have a resident chief who presents whole, fresh and creative vegetarian food. Meat and fish are available if requested. Special diets can also be catered for. The meals are prepared especially for us. It is truly home cooking.
Nab Cottage is listed as of historical interest and is therefore exempt from complying with disability requirements.