Death and Dying, A Spiritual Perspective

by Kevin Core, 2006
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When the spiritual person feels the time has come where death is approaching, they gather around themselves the friends they have done spiritual work with in this lifetime. Those that cannot be there in the physical, they ask to be there in essence. They also summon around them all the Beings of Light that have supported them in their spiritual work in this lifetime and ask them to wait for them on the threshold.

I recommend that no more than seven people are needed to hold a space around the bedside as the person prepares to leave. As I mentioned above, it is important the kind of space that is created around a person when they take their last breath. For a spiritual person, music can be played which holds a special significance for that person, and will raise their consciousness to connect to the Divine. The lighting in the room should be predominantly orange, as this greatly enhances the separation of the etheric body from the physical shell. There should be a candle burning, so that anything that is released in the process of taking the last breath will jump to the flame and be consumed. Again, in Alice Bailey, Djwhal Khul recommends that Sandalwood as a perfume should be burnt to facilitate the separation of the etheric body. The Master that I associate with the death and dying process is of course Djwhal Khul who is the Tibetan Master, and of course the Tibetans hold the tradition of death and dying. Another recommendation is that Aura Soma sprays can be used around the room and over the bed of the dying person. The obvious choice would be the Djwhal Khul spray.

As the time approaches, the person’s friends in the room describe a circle of protection around the space. They summon the Four Mighty Archangels of the four quadrants to stand in those places. They sit in silent meditation as their friend takes their last breath; for those with eyes to see, as the door swings open, they see a Mighty One come forth to welcome their comrade. There is a shift in the space, like a slight breeze passing through the room, and their friend is gone.

It is said that one who does the work will pass through the gates of death in full consciousness, and for their friends who have accompanied them to the door, they will also see the path that they will walk in some future time.

So how do we do a healing for a person who is dying? Well, as we have said above, it is all about attachment. As we have said, by being with the person in the space for three days prior to them taking their last breath, we can do all in our power to help them connect to the people they need to in order to say their last goodbyes. However, we can also help them through healing.

The kind of healing I have always done is to help that person, through sympathetic resonance, to sever all ties to people, places, or events in that lifetime. This can be done by summoning in the energies of the Archangel Michael, or any other cosmic force which provides a clearing of karmic connections.

We thank, on behalf of the person, the body in which they find themselves, for the service it has done to allow that person to learn the lessons of the 3-D realm.

We contact the soul of that person and connect it to their consciousness so that it may direct them in the journey they are about to take.

We summon the angels that guide beings through death, these being the Archangel Azrael, the archetypal forces of Anpu (Anubis), Tehuti (Thoth), Amenta, Hades, Persephone, etc. We also call on that person’s Guardian Angel, which has guided them throughout that lifetime.

Such is the power of the service that we can do that I relate the experience I had when I did this for my stepfather when he died. He had died in the hospice in which I had worked, and I had done the work for him as I have described above. However, because of the connection to the physical body which can still be there for three days after taking the last breath, it is vital that we do the healing for those three days. It was, then, that I found myself in the funeral parlour where his body was interred. It was the second day after his death that I had been there to do this service. I did the meditation/healing and as it completed, to my astonishment, I saw him lift out of the physical shell, but what was more extraordinary was that I perceived two other deceased people in the back of the funeral parlour who also left with him.

We have discussed above that this process of seven days of abstraction from the physical form applies to any living thing. The process that we are in at the moment is that the being that we know as Gaia is now abstracting herself from her physical form, which is this 3rd dimensional planet. She is undergoing the process of traveling through her Underworld to be reborn on the 4th dimensional plane. What happens in death to any other being is happening to Gaia. If you think about it, and look at what is happening in the world we are definitely in the process. If you observe any person who is dying what happens to the physical body? It starts to deteriorate, it starts to show signs of wear, it starts to show signs of falling apart. You only have to look around to see this process in the world at this time.

Not so long ago I read in a newspaper that the Amazon rainforest was known as the lungs of the world. Now it has been re-categorized as one of the worst polluters of the world because of all the destruction of trees by burning. It is one of the worst sources of the hothouse gases which are affecting the weather at this time. It does not take a great jump in consciousness to see the analogy with the disease of the lungs in a human being. What sign is that when the lungs of the world have become bronchitic?

My feeling is, and I have to stress that this is only my opinion, that we are in the three-day process leading up to death, to the last breath of Gaia on the 3rd dimensional plane. In 2012, that magical date is when Gaia will take her last breath on the physical plane. Then for the next three days there will be dissolution of Gaia from the 3rd dimensional plane. I also have to point out here that a day in the life of a planet is not a day as we perceive it. It encompasses a much vaster period of time as we conceive it. It is therefore that I leave the speculation of how long that may be to you.

Again, my feeling is, just as it is the truth for a human being, the body that Gaia will inhabit already exists on the higher dimensional planes. All of the species that appear to have become extinct are now inhabitants on that planet, as are many of the human race who have left recently due to natural and created disasters.

Just as a human being takes seven days to transit to higher dimension, so Gaia is undergoing the same process. I feel that this is what the ascension is truly about. Ascension is about leaving behind an old vehicle, it falls into dissolution, and you are reborn in another vehicle on a higher dimension. It does not strike me, therefore, that the 3rd dimensional earth is going to be reborn. How can it? We all know that we are transiting into a higher dimension. So this focus on cleansing the earth, on cleansing this and cleansing that, it’s pointless because what is happening is just a natural process. The earth as a 3rd dimensional being is dying. It is our inability to accept the process of death that we are struggling against which causes us to say we cannot let go of this beautiful earth. However, this being which is the earth is transcending into a more beautiful thing, on a different plane which is going to be even more beautiful than this earth. But like all beings it has to let go of the old physical form in order that it may be reborn in a more perfect form on a higher plane.

Some may say that humanity has done a great disservice to the planet by causing so much destruction, and pollution. However, if we look at the analogy of the planet as a person and treat the condition the earth finds itself in as a disease, we have the following situation.

A person, who goes through an illness, generally uses that illness as a means to do a kind of spiritual work. All illness, all bad things that happen to us, are a service because we push against them. It is only when bad things happen that we actually look inside and say “why me?” When you look inside yourself and ask this question you generally try to define who you are. Who is it that is feeling this? Why do I feel this? Why is it happening to me? So you start to do inner thinking. You ask the question “what is going on?” When illness comes it prompts you to consider your own mortality. You start to think about greater things and who you really are. This is the service of all negative conditions.

For me, Gaia is in this space. What humanity has been doing to Gaia over the last 300 years, since around 1750 and the start of the Industrial Revolution, is to create a negative situation for Gaia to push against in order for her to re-define herself. It has given her the impetus to realize she is more than she considered herself to be and to make the decision to ascend to another level of consciousness. This is the service that humanity has done for Gaia. We have provided the thrust block that she has pushed against in order to reach for a higher level of consciousness. It has allowed herself to recreate another body for herself on the 4th/5th dimensional plane, and to now transition to it.

Humanity are atoms in her body, in a way like a disease in Gaia just like a disease in a person; but if that person has any kind of philosophical thought about the condition they find themselves in, they see that the disease has served them in service.

What is happening to the earth now is a necessary component to allow the being whose body it is to make a decision to look inside and see who she is, and decide I am Divine. And in that moment of knowing she is Divine she has completed all karma on the 3rd dimensional plane and is now transitioning to another level.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I have only briefly touched on the most important parts of this process. It is a vast subject, and one that needs to be addressed quickly. My feeling is that we are approaching a time where large numbers of humanity will start to leave the 3-D realm. I am assured by spirit, that there is no greater service needed on the planet at the time than the dissolving of the fears surrounding death.

For those of you wishing to explore the subject further, the references I have given in this article, for me, are the best that I have come across. For those of us in the West, by far the most informative are the books ” A Treaties on White Magic”, and ” Esoteric Healing”, both by Alice Bailey, channelled from Djwhal Khul.

I would also like to say that for those of us doing spiritual work, the same archetypes come into play as we let go of one level of consciousness and seek a higher one through initiation while still in the 3-D body. The understanding of this process will allow you to make these transitions with the least possible effort.

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