Death and Dying, A Spiritual Perspective

by Kevin Core, 2006
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As in the example given above whereby we accept that our consciousness is constantly scanning a period of seven days, we can see how a person who is about to die has visions of people in the room that nobody else can see. This is because their consciousness is already transiting into the 4th Dimension, so in actual fact the person who is dying perceives two realities at the same time. It is a truth, that as the time of death approaches, death being the last breath, the person that they were connected to most in a loving way, who has already passed over into the 4th Dimension, is allowed to guide the dying person through the process. For a person doing spiritual work, or an Initiate, the Master in whose ashram they are a part will come to guide his student back into the ashram.

Staffs who work in hospices know the signs very well and can indicate to relatives very accurately when that person will take their last breath.

In the West, this process which has been known for thousands of years is not recognized, and can cause great difficulty to the person who is dying who is trying to leave the physical body in a harmonious way.

When my grandmother died, and I assisted her over the three days leading up to this, she chose to leave through her Crown chakra. She was a resident in a nursing home, and the staff in his home were told that when one of the residents died they had to instantly insert their false teeth into their mouth at the moment of death because later it would be impossible to do so. This was to preserve the looks of the person for the relatives to see at the funeral. When my grandmother died, the staff duly rushed in to perform this service but I declined. This was because my grandmother was in the process of extracting herself from the physical shell through the Crown chakra. Anybody manipulating the physical body at that time could have easily dissuaded her from the task. Again, it is ignorance of the process which can cause much distress to a person who is dying.

For me, the Irish have the most perfect way of dealing with death. When the person has died they are gently placed in a coffin, which is then placed in the living room of their home, and a three-day celebration ensues. As that person is drawn back to the physical body at the time of their death over the next three days they find themselves surrounded by all their friends and relatives in celebration of who they were. What better way of leaving the third dimensional plane than that!

The subject I would like to touch on now will certainly present itself to many of you reading this article in your lifetime. When a person is dying the senses start to become very acute, and this is very well known. The order in which the senses activate at birth, now start to deactivate in reverse order at death. A person who is close to death will start to decline eating food, followed closely by declining to drink. The timescale of this is very variable. The last sense which remains right up until the moment of the last breath is hearing. This sense can become so acute that you could be 10 feet away from the person and they could hear what you are saying in a whisper.

Our perception of being around the dying person is quite the reverse. To see a person close to death you would think that they would be totally unconscious, without any attachment to physical plane reality whatsoever. Relatives who visit a person in such a state tend to voice their opinions of that person believing that they cannot hear them. They can quite easily fall into discussions about negative situations in which they found themselves and the person who is dying. Contrary to their belief that person can hear every word and react in consciousness to it. This again, can cause untold misery and anxiety to the person who is dying and an awareness of this should be made available in all situations where relatives are visiting a dying relative or friend.

The reaction of the dying person to what is said about them can create a situation in consciousness that will influence where they end up in consciousness as they pass into the 4th Dimension. We must constantly be aware that when we are with a dying person all that we think, say, or do, has the potential to influence the environment in which that person finds themselves when they leave this incarnation.

It is here that I would like to deal now with the actual process of abstraction from the physical body.

From that part of ourselves which projects consciousness into the 3-D realm a call is issued for that part to return to the whole. This causes certain reactions to occur which are as follows;

  • This causes certain physiological effects to be felt, in connection with the heart, the nervous system, and the endocrine system. These effects are known to the medical profession and have been catalogued by them.
  • Our nervous system has its etheric counterpart and in the Hindu system these are known as the nadis. They are the electromagnetic energy filaments which penetrate every nerve in our bodies. It is through the etheric body and the nadis that our soul connects to this incarnation. They react to the directing impulse of return issued by the soul and reorganize themselves for abstraction from the dense physical sheath. This is felt as a vibration which runs through the entire nervous system.
  • The effect of the vibration which thrills through the etheric nervous system causes a change in blood chemistry. This change comes through the glandular system which injects into the bloodstream a chemical which affects the heart. The life thread is anchored in the heart and this chemical starts the process whereby this life thread is separated. It also evokes a reflex action in the brain which causes loss of consciousness and or coma.
  • Another vibration ensues, whereby the nadis, the electromagnetic filaments penetrating every nerve in our bodies, are separated from the physical aspects of those nerves. The etheric body is thereby detached from the dense physical body but still interpenetrating it.


There is a pause at this time. This allows the above process to continue in the right timing for the person involved, with the least amount of effort, trauma, and as painlessly as possible. The detachment of the nadis is first evidenced in the eyes. When you are around a person who is dying you will notice that close to the day they take their last breath their eyes change. There is a kind of peace that descends on the person, the resistance to dying goes, and they begin to accept what is happening. This is the time, no matter what the illness, where the person seems to be fully here. It is at this point in the future when all the relatives and friends of that person will be in celebration around them; to celebrate their life together and to wish Godspeed to that person on their journey.

Next, the organized etheric body, already loosened from the dense physical sheath by the nadis, gathers itself for the final departure. It withdraws from the extremities towards the doorway by which it will exit the physical body. These exits are labeled above. In a person who is dying, as seen from the 3-D plane, all heat from the limbs starts to retreat into the main trunk of the body.

At this point another pull is felt. As the vital body which has animated all of the cells of that body is withdrawn, the being which is the elemental aspect of the earth calls back unto itself the matter of the physical body. Again, if you are around a person who is dying, this is evidenced by a notable pallor of the skin, which takes on a pale configuration and waxy appearance. At this point the vital body is preparing for exit, and the physical body is preparing for dissolution.

It is here that another pause can occur. It is also here where sometimes the physical elemental of the body in question can resist the process, and tries to retain hold of the disappearing life force which animated it. However, when death is inevitable and is overlighted by the call of the soul, this pause lasts only for a few moments.