Death and Dying, A Spiritual Perspective

by Kevin Core, 2006
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Anybody who feels guided to do this, to go into hospices etc; it is an amazing space to be in when a person is dying. When you are around a person who is dying, and when that person is about to take their last breath a space opens up around them. The process that a person undergoes when they are dying lasts a total of seven days. For the three days leading up to the day that they take their last breath a space opens up, a vortex opens up, because that person is actually transferring their consciousness from where they are now, to where they’re going to be, over a seven-day period. Just the fact that their consciousness is in the place that they are going, creates a space around them. To be in that space is amazing. It is an amazing time.

So I recommend it to anybody to help a person to go through this. If you are very open at the time a person takes their last breath you can observe that person slipping out of the physical body. This is also an amazing thing to observe if you got the eyes to see.

What most people find difficult when confronted with the possibility of death around a friend or relative is the emotional attachment. The emotional stuff that arises comes from the belief that you will never see that person again. What I am trying to suggest in this article is that this is totally untrue.

I would like to reiterate again that the only thing that changes around that person is the fact that they do not inhabit the physical plane body. Everything that was the sum total of that being is still there, except the physical plane body. That person, as a 4th dimensional being, is not in some faraway place but is here. All dimensions exist in the same space. So these beings are around us, and if a friend or relative dies they are around you, literally within three days of dying. However, because Western society believes that when a person dies they are gone it creates a thoughtform, the belief, that you will never see that person again. Instantly, you believe that, it brings down a barrier. If a friend or relative has just died and they are around you desperately trying to make contact, to let you know that they are okay, that they have not just disappeared, that barrier which you have created in consciousness is something they cannot get through to make that much needed contact. So even in Spirit this attitude towards death causes a great deal of suffering. This is because the loved one who has just left you on the physical plane cannot get through to make contact with you in consciousness. They see you grieving for them but are in consternation because they are right next to you saying “I am okay, and I am here”; but you cannot hear them. You are closed to the fact that that person is still around. So not only does the process of death and dying need to be looked at, but our own perceptions about what happens to a person when they have died needs to be sorted out.

My grandmother was around me for days after her initial death, and still is. Even good friends that you have had passing conversations with, when they die, if there was some kind of connection between you, they will be around you, and anybody who is open to the fact that death is not an ending will perceive when that happens. The Spiritualist Church all over the world has done a great deal of work, and a service to humanity, to show that when people die they do not just disappear. A very good medium in the spiritualist church will be able to give you information about a loved one who has left the physical plane in the past year, or even a period much longer than this. If such information is given, the communication from the loved one feels as if that loved one has only just left the physical plane. This is because time exists differently on the 4th dimensional plane. In truth, it does not exist at all so a person who has left the physical plane within the last five or even 50 years will feel as though it is only yesterday. So there is no timescale as we know it on the 4th dimensional plane, in the perception of our loved ones who exists there.

So how can we help people who are dying? If you remember what I said at the beginning of this article, the frame of mind that you are in at the moment of death colors the place where you will find yourself in the 4th Dimension. What you can do as a service to a person who is dying is to observe where they are in consciousness. A lot of people resist the dying process because they have what we call unfinished business. So you may have a person who is dying, who has a son that he has not seen for 10 years, where they parted in acrimonious circumstances. It may be that this person will hang on, and hang on because he wishes to heal the rift with his son. When you come to the end of your incarnation everything becomes clear; all of the stuff, the personality stuff, the ego stuff, drops away. You are as clear as a bell for the last three days of your incarnation. This is when people want to tie up any loose ends, and put things right. What you can do is a service, and what people will do as a service in the future, is that you make sure that you can do everything possible in your power to help that person finish any business they may have on the 3rd dimensional plane, so that when they take their last breath they leave no unfinished business behind. There is no fear, no anger, no worry, they have said goodbye to everybody that they needed to.

In the West, there has been a perception that you cannot take children into see a person who is dying. This has caused immense suffering to the dying person who wishes to connect with those children but is denied the opportunity. This comes from an inappropriate perception that the children will be upset by seeing a person who is dying. In my experience this is not the case. I have allowed my children to visit relatives on the day they were dying, and my children accepted what was there. When my stepfather died I recognize that he was grieving the fact that he could not see my children. I therefore brought them to see him on the afternoon of the day that he died. They thought it was great and so did he. It was only after they left that I realized he had been hanging on to say goodbye to my kids. Once that had been done he went into a space of total peace, and that night he left. My kids did not process, they did not go into fear, and ultimately were very glad that they could see that person for the last time. For the person who is dying, if they leave this incarnation in a space of regret, this will colour where they end up on the 4th Dimension.

So this is the service that we can do. We can perceive where the person is in consciousness and do our very best to bring before that person all that they need to sort out, so that when they take their last breath they take it in total peace, and joy, and happiness; because if that is the space they are feeling when they die, that is where they will end up on the 4th Dimension: a place of peace, joy, and happiness.

Our vision, Christine and my vision, is that some day in the near future there will be hospitals which specialize in helping people to die well; where people will go to understand the process of leaving the incarnation and to embracing that process. It will be staffed by people who wish to be in their space, and to do their spiritual practice by helping these people to die well. They will dedicate themselves to accompanying these people to the very gates of death, so they do not go through the process alone. They will embrace the energy of death, which is renewal, and use that space to transform their own consciousness.

So we need to embrace the fact that death is not an ending, it is just a change in perception. As this realization comes in, many more people are now being able to see clairvoyantly, to see psychically. As we embrace the fact that death is not an ending, the human race in the West is expanding their perceptions to embrace this. More and more people are now recognizing that what we perceive in this reality is just a small part of a bigger picture. This is part of the overall activation of consciousness which the energies of the Ascension are bringing in for the human race. This is going to pop the bubble of the perception that this is all there is.