Death and Dying, A Spiritual Perspective

by Kevin Core, 2006
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However, there is something we can do about it, and there is a movement, a very slow movement, where people are putting out very strongly that there is an alternative way to die and actually to help the person to die.

Now most of us who’ve done healing know that you can do a healing into death. So if you get a client who comes to you with an illness, and you recognize the illness is their doorway out of this incarnation, you also realize that the healing you can give them will allow them to make that transition in peace. So the healing can be given to a person who is dying and support them in that process. The healing will clear the fear, the anger, jealousy, the rage etc.

Most of us don’t know why we do it but the reason is to help that person create a more balanced place to be, so that when they pass through this electromagnetic barrier between the dimensions they find themselves in a better place than they would be if we had not done the healing in the first place. You can actually help a person to die well!

I did this with my grandmother who died in 1995. Up until that time I used to work at a hospice in Bradford , England , just as a volunteer. I would do healing on people who were going to die that night; I did not do this openly because it was not accepted at that time in the hospice. Also at that time, I had an interest in the process of death and dying and I felt guided to look at the Tibetan teachings on the subject, so when my grandmother got cancer (she was 96) I spent the full three days leading up to her death with her night and day to help her get through that space. When she actually died, she died in the most perfect way because I had created a space over three days; doing healing and meditation around her that allowed her to totally let go of anything that would have conditioned her consciousness to go into anything that might take her to a negative place. When she left her body, she left through her Crown chakra.

When people leave the body they can go out a number of ways. Most people who don’t do any spiritual work go out through the solar plexus, and of course this is where we store all of our emotional stuff. So people who go out through the solar plexus generally go out with all the packaging that they have had in this lifetime. Another place to go out is from your heart. This way of leaving the incarnation is relatively new, and is afforded to those people who live their lives in the heart centre the way. The most powerful way however, that all spiritual teachers use, the spiritual way, the Initiate way, is to go out through your Crown Chakra. My grandmother chose this way at the time of her death. This was a lady who did no spiritual work in that lifetime, but just doing the work with her over those three days created enough space around her to make a difference, and obviously there were beings from Spirit around her that I had called in, which allowed her to leave through her Crown chakra.

My grandmother has been allowed on the inner planes to be part of my guide team, and I feel her presence around me now and then to help with specific things. At that time I was friends with a medium in the Spiritualist Church who deals specifically with working with people who have just passed over. I was with this lady a short time after my grandmother’s death and she indicated to me that my grandmother was around me, which I knew she was, and my grandmother was absolutely over the moon, excited, because when she died she had gone out through her Crown chakra. She indicated it was one of the most amazing events and I indicated through the medium that yes, I had seen her go through her Crown chakra.

We could do this for everybody who dies. There is no reason why we can’t. My grandmother lived in a nursing home for the last two to three years of her life and those places are not the best places in the world to take your last breath in either. In England , they are manned by very young girls who are paid very low wages and they have no idea of what death and dying is about at all. They are very fearful of it but they cannot get any other job. So a person who is dying ends up in a place where nobody has any idea about what’s going on with them at all, and when a person is ready to die, everybody clears out of the room and leaves them to it. Nobody is there with them at all. So again, if you think how many nursing homes there are now in England alone, and this happens in every Western country, how many people are dying every day in that space? This causes us to wonder why the Western psyche, the Western consciousness is so traumatized, because remember even though those people who are leaving the incarnation are coloring all of humanity by their experiences. Every one of those people who are dying in a very bad space has an effect on humanity as a whole. A lot of the fear around is coming from this one place so this is why we need to look at it and do something about it.

The Hospice Movement arose from a recognition that people need to die in a place which is more conducive to where they want to be in that time. When I worked for that movement they would not allow any spiritual work to be done in that place because hospices are funded specifically with regard to political correctness and they did not want to be seen as having anything to do with anything like healing, or spiritual work at all. I have been to about three or four hospices where they have a small chapel which is always set aside from where everybody is and I feel it is there for political reasons to be seen. Since that time, I have now heard that a small number of hospices in the Bradford area are allowing healers into their space in a limited way.

When I worked in the hospice in 1995, that was the situation then. Any kind of spiritual work was not allowed at all. It was very much frowned on and the new one which opened in Bradford about five years ago was the same . The main reason why I had to leave the hospice in 1995, was that somebody found out that I was a healer, and as soon as the administration found out this fact I was asked to leave as a volunteer, even though I had been working there successfully for four years. I had to leave a job which I thoroughly enjoyed because they were totally fearful that the media and the trustees would get to know that there was a healer in the hospice.

At the time of writing this article I have to say that it feels as though the times and changing. I have heard that some of the hospices around Bradford are now allowing healers to practice. This has occurred, however, only in the last couple of years. As far I am aware there is no structure in place for allowing the healer or a spiritual guide to be present around the dying person at the moment of their death in order to facilitate a perfect exiting from this incarnation.

So the situation is changing slowly but nobody is doing the work that needs to be done. In my studies of the death and dying process one of the best sources of information was the American spiritual teacher called Ram Das. He has done a lot of work since the 60s in America but again not very successfully because America is very closed, always has been and very much so even now to this kind of work and he has tried to set a few projects off and to my understanding they have never really met with any success. Also, a friend of his call Stephen Levine has also worked with this and has published a number of very good books on the death and dying process, and on grieving. However, there is a new wave coming through now and we really need to look again at the process of death and dying again.